Failed to run the action enable bitlocker














Failed to run the action enable bitlocker

160. Hi, Im trying to enable BitLocker during OSD but havent had any success. Go to Alternative 5 to fix it. This is usually caused by a problem with the program. Yes: Yes: OSDDiskIndex: Format/Partition Issue. Other issues like “MBR2GPT not found”, “MBR2GPT missing” and “MBR2GPT can only be used from the Windows Pre-Installation Environment” will be fixed at the same time. Reference Links: Event ID 24592 from Microsoft-Windows-BitLocker-Driver Failed to run the action: Enable bit locker. 09.

Disable the existing Enable BitLocker (Offline) step in the Preinstall Phase. Now, this is Windows 7 x64 enterprise, but I have Install application action failed: 'Workshare Professional 7 (2012. It also provides security for decommissioned computers. If the TPM security hardware is not yet enabled, a BIOS action is triggered to enable it. exe –protectors –disable” command. Note: you may have to enable TPM [if desired] in the bios. By default Lenovo computers will not allow a downgrade.

I was trying to set up bitlocker ob my Dell XPS 15 running Win10 Enterprise. The first action will enable bitlocker, the 2nd action will remove the tasks from the task scheduler. Encrypting volume 'C:' Failed to run the action: Enable BitLocker. (Error: 8028005A; Source: Windows) On successful builds, the snippet is the exact same up to the "Protecting key with TPM only" line. Don't know why I getting failed password response since the same bin file is being used. Boot to OS – Skips remaining Task actions and Also writes to the RunOnce registry key a command to re-enable BitLocker on next startup. .

Please check the Microsoft Knowledge Base to determine if this is a known issue or contact Microsoft Support Services for further assistance. I’ve been having some fun this week sorting out a task sequence with SCCM that will deploy everything and enable bitlocker with a PIN. BitLocker recovery key is a 48 and/or 256-bit sequence, which is generated during BitLocker installation. The specified ResourceManager made no changes or updates under this transaction (Error:00001A33:Source 'ProtectKeyWithTPM' failed (2150694914) Failed to run the action: Enable BitLocker. This service allows BitLocker to prompt users for various actions related to their volumes when mounted, and unlocks Deploy Windows 10 In-Place Upgrade Using Configuration Manager in Just 2 Steps Place Upgrade Using Configuration Manager in Just 2 Steps” Failed to run the One major part of my Task Sequence goal was to enable bitlocker for all supported HP Laptop models along with the Surface Pro 3 (now referred to as just Surface 3). I then take ownership it with the following command Welcome to Ebugg-i. The following actions can be done with with BitlockerSAK: Have you ever needed to identify how Long a Task sequence run? wouldn’t it be great if you could measure how long a configmgr Task sequence took in order to deyploy a Windows Image? Having that Information would be great to have stored somewhere so we could create reports based on it, and see over time if something has impacted our deployment “Enable BitLocker” Task does not work for me when deploying Windows 8.

0 and it is supplied correctly in the boundary and this was working a week ago. 10. The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a piece of hardware that provides secure storage of critical data, usually encryption keys, signatures, and the like. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. BitLocker cannot be enabled in Windows PE. I have the tasks correct, I used HP’s BIOS configuration tool to turn on the TPM. Enable bitlocker: Instead of generating a random startup key for the key management option “Startup Key on USB only,†the Enable BitLocker task sequence action uses the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) as the startup key.

One of the drawbacks of being apprentice to someone who's too busy to help is you get half-answers and have to fill in the details yourself, but without confirmation that the half-answers are correct. The BIOS did not correctly communicate Contact the computer manufacturer for BIOS upgrade instructions. TPM Configuration and Troubleshooting. Create an XML file named "sTask_Details. Click on the Task Sequence select “Partition Disk”. Use the “setspn” utility to add additional principal names for the public URL of the server to the AD server account: setspn -A HOST/bitlocker. ScanState collects the files and settings from the source computer.

The company i currently consult for also wanted me to implement MBAM (Microsoft Bitlocker Administration & Management) within their bitlocker infrastructure and Windows 10 rollout. BitLocker Sample Deployment Script The EnableBitLocker. But when I select option 'Switch to Windows containers' I get the message: "Current operation failed because Windows policy "Deny write access to fixed drives not protected by Bitlocker" is enabled. HP Bios Update Application - HP Revolve 810 G1/G2/G3 to enable bitlocker after reboot will repair the bitlocker mof, suspend bit locker, add a Run once key to In order for your clients to run your compliance baselines you will need to enable the compliance evaluation feature. Close the BitLocker Drive Encryption window. Failed to run the action: Enable BitLocker. This Summary: Guest blogger, Stephane van Gulick, presents a practical hands-on post that shows how to use Windows PowerShell and BitLocker together.

Component: Client Build Tasks, Managed Mode, Third-Party Tools, Notifier Agent Tasks Setting Description On Success Go Next – Execute next action. Click BitLocker Drive Encryption. Stephane was introduced to me by The Scripting Wife, Downgrading a BIOS to a lower version is not recommended. Applies to the Capture OS One major part of my Task Sequence goal was to enable bitlocker for all supported HP Laptop models along with the Surface Pro 3 (now referred to as just Surface 3). Troubleshooting SCCM 2012 Task Sequence Failures 6 Replies A resource for troubleshooting System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch) and System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Task Sequence failures through analysis of errors reported in the smsts. The task sequence execution engine failed execution of a task sequence (Message ID 11141, 11170,11141) SCCM Task Sequence – Disable Bitlocker in WinPE Posted on April 8, 2012 by windowsmasher I made a task sequence action that backs up a computer using robocopy before partitioning, only to find that the system is protected by BitLocker. Failed to run the action: Enable bit locker.

Placed a restart computer step into the TS after the Enable of TPM but makes no difference as initial file fails to run. Please disable it and retry the operation" System Center Configuration Manager can be used for offline injection of updates into the install. 0. Applies to the Enable BitLocker step. Now we have the basics setup its time to move on to our first action, getting the logs from the failed computer. Click Start, type regedit in the Search programs and files box, right-click regedit. The issue is Enabling BitLocker in SCCM Task Sequence .

Failed to run the action: the tip. subnet mask 10. ” is set to “Download content from distribution point and run Applies to: System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch) The following task sequence steps can be added to a Configuration Manager task sequence. The user may not be able to provide required input to unlock the volume. On the next screen we will have an option to run BitLocker system check, which will ensure that BitLocker can read the recovery and encryption keys correctly before encrypting the drive. Also adds a Scheduled Task to enable bitlocker on startup, and then remove itself. Roel 22 June 2016 at 9:30 am Thanks man, we issue has resolved or not.

SCCM 2012 - Automatically Enabling TPM for use With BitLocker on HP This article is in response to multiple clients wanting to automatically enable BitLocker on their systems through the use of SCCM 2012. (input) Instead of generating a random startup key for the key management option Startup Key on USB only, the Enable BitLocker step uses the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) as the startup key. BitLocker has been around for several years and can be used with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8. 1 operating systems. The Enable BitLocker step is configured for TPM Only, create recovery key in Active Directory, and Wait for BitLocker to complete. com. log.

In this environment we are testing modern desktop deployment using Windows AutoPilot. Update KB3133977 is a BitLocker update that seems to fail when BitLocker is enabled. 1 Pro with MDT 2013 in a LTI. Enable BitLocker – this step will enable BitLocker encryption on a drive. Also don't want users to be prompted to enable TPM as this removes the zero touch deployment. I have created a new IP range boundary with 10. This is needed because when BitLocker is enabled, the disk cannot be accessed in WinPE.

Enable-notebook-bitlocker. 1 does not allow to enable BitLocker on Tablets which have no keyboard available during Boot. Bitlocker 0x8007054b this Thread!Add Thread to del. Also, what if you want to run USMT Hardlink from WinPE without booting into the OS? We do that currently, but I’m thinking there is no option for this any longer, because there is no way to Disable Bitlocker from WinPE? By modifying the migapp. The files needed to resume the task sequence are missing " Re-distribute the TS content once again and try OSD. usBookmark in TechnoratiTweet this threadShare on Facebook!Reddit! I'll keep you posted Search for: Recent Posts "MP Control Manager detected Scenario: You have a Windows Server 2012 or Windows 8 computer with TPM and you store your Bitlocker recovery and TPM owner information in Active Directory. Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, is here.

Drive shows as encrypted in the OS but BitLocker reports that it needs to be activated. When I start up my docker it seems to work fine. 3. Moving the BitLocker-protected drive into a new computer. wsf script (which ships with Vista) in a Run Command Line step. One question I have is exactly how the third step from the end ‘Add Bitlocker Partition’ is performed. I was working on a Task Sequence recently that involved enabling BitLocker and storing the keys in ActiveDirectory, all was going well until we started building Surface Pro 4 devices.

The Task Sequence Variable to use here is “_SMSTSLastActionSucceeded” equals “False”. Click Unlock for the desired volume. A couple of years ago, I setup MBAM in a production environment for a company that wanted it. 5 SP1 as part of a Windows deployment. C: was not encrypted. 0 deployed—thus no BitLocker or CIM cmdlets. e.

No pre-boot keyboard or Windows Recovery environment detected. Disable the default MDT ‘Enable BitLocker’ step and then add the standard SCCM Enable BitLocker step. Specifically, the full requirements were as follows: Enable BitLocker without requiring any interaction from an end user. Export Users, Groups and OU’s from one Windows 2003/2008 Active Directory Domain to other Windows 2003/2008 Active Directory Domain One of our engagement with client, client wants to upgrade of Windows 2003 Domain Controller to Windows 2008 R2 Domain Controller and to assure that once upgrade, application integrated with Active Directory will have no impact, we want it to test with Windows Failed to run the action: Enable BitLocker. To enable BitLocker using MBAM 2. It has graphical user-friendly interface that is suitable for every computer Failed To Run Task Sequence 0x80070070 try to apply the OS image on the first partition instead of the second partition. I have renamed mine to ‘Enable BitLocker for Laptops’ and moved my new step down the TS so that its one of the last to be actioned.

When enabled, Device Encryption encrypts the data in all fixed drives (like your HDD) with 128-bit AES encryption and protects your system from any unauthorized access. vbs /on:tpm /l:c:BitLocker. Policy Evaluation failed, hr=0x80004005 Install application action failed: and now none of the In my case, I was specifically testing eDrive and Bitlocker and it took a user action to enable eDrive. Looking closer at the Task Sequence status messages, I'm seeing that the time it takes to execute the 'Install Software Updates' steps (on servers that are patched month to month) takes pretty much the same time for all the 4 runs (or subsequent runs take longer), however during the first run it does install all the updates and performs a Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere doesn't use a TPM, so you have to enter a password. We're using SCCM Current Branch and PXE boot for OS deployment. The BIOS did not correctly communicate with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). The specified ResourceManager made no changes or updates under this transaction (Error:00001A33:Source I am attempting to deploy enablebitlocker.

BitLocker Drive Encryption provides secure startup for the operating system, as well as full volume encryption for OS, fixed or removable volumes. Upgrading to a new motherboard with a new TPM. With the E5450s, when it fails it does so at the SCCM default Enable BitLocker step. The core settings for all three are pretty similar, just Double click the Choose how BitLocker-protected drives can be recovered setting and Enable it. The defaults for BitLocker are pretty lame (i. Contact the computer manufacturer for BIOS upgrade instructions. SCCM - Enable Bitlocker and place it as the last step in the TS SCCM - Add Disable Bitlocker on the Top of the TS SCCM - Use DCM in 2007 or Settings Management in 2012 to monitor that you Clients are secured with Bitlocker.

In corporate segment one of the advantages of BitLocker Drive Encryption technology is the ability to store the Bitlocker recovery keys for encrypted drives in the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). Specify that you want to store Recovery passwords and key packages and check the option for Do not enable BitLocker until recovery information is stored in AD DS for fixed data drives. If attempting to run the task sequence on a computer that has the same or a newer BIOS version the computer will restart, you will see a message that the BIOS is already applied, and BitLocker will be re-enabled if necessary. The BDD Log suggests it’s doing a check for Vista Enterprise or Windows 7 Ultimate… “Enable BitLocker (Offline)” preprovision works OK. The value must be a valid, 256-bit Base64-encoded BitLocker startup key. With only a day to the release of Windows 10 it about time for a quick guide on building the perfect Windows 10 reference image. and enable BitLocker 1.

vbs in C:\Deployment folder. We do not have any integration with MDT or MBAM. McAfee Management of Native Encryption (MNE) 4. Once encryption has completed successfully, event 24579 is recorded in the System log under the event source Microsoft-Windows-BitLocker-Driver. Provide the appropriate key or password to unlock the volume. At one of our customers we are implementing Intune to manage the laptops and run into a problem with this silent encryption process. And in be sure your account is inside Active Directory, enabled to deploy Bitlocker, and local computer manager.

(Error: 80310002; Source: Windows) Can someone prompt for Bitlocker code after each restart. But before we start let’s quickly run through what could trigger a Bitlocker recovery: An attacker has modified your computer. icio. For more information, see Prepare Device Encryption (page 5) and Device Encryption system compatibility (page 6). It only runs in a full operating system (in other words, it does not run in WinPE). After running the Bitlocker wizard on C: I got this error: “The TPM is defending against dictionary attacks and is in a time-out period”. msc you get this error: Turn on the TPM security hardware .

Enable BitLocker and save to local drive. The operating system must support BitLocker Drive Encryption. wim file within a Windows Server ISO. Most instances of this Enable Bitlocker step are set to occur as one of the very last steps of the TS. x For details of MNE supported environments, see KB-79375 . The setup was heartbreaking! It was so complex and at the time there wasn’t any good info online, on how to do The EnableBitLocker. As an optional subcomponent of the administration and monitoring server, you can install the MBAM hardware capability manager.

And, i have also tried to disable and re-enable the Hardware Inventory Agent BitLocker isn't just a feature for Windows desktop, laptop, and tablet computers. So I opened the TPM MMC and I saw that all the options in the action menu are blanked out except for “Prepare the TPM”. Examine the System log. 5 GB. I am familiar with manage-bde, but since we are still rolling out bitlocker in our environment, it's still pretty new here and I didn't think to use it. This is applicable for a computer with a TPM because the TPM checks the integrity of boot components during startup. The Surface Pro 3 is awesome, and you can deploy it easily using System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager, but sometimes things don’t go as planned.

If you notice that the hard drive is not BitLockered even though you Enabled BitLocker in the task sequence, then you most likely have the issue described below. A system needs to be configured for UEFI (without Compatibility Support Module being enabled) in order to take advantage of Secure Boot (and other Windows 10 security features like Device Guard). What can the powershell bitlocker Swiss army knife concretely do? This powershell bitlocker encryption tool “BitlockerSAK” will enable the automation of the bitlocker encryption and TPM operations that need to be done on Microsoft Windows (R) machines through PowerShell. BitLocker could not be enabled. Ad blocker detected Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. vbs sample script is an example of how you can automate the deployment and configuration of BitLocker Drive Encryption. Microsoft even provides automation samples that can be deployed via script.

Using TPM [Trusted Platform Module] is maybe a bit controversial -- vulnerabilities have been found in the past, and the VeraCrypt FAQ faults TPM as mainly good for a false sense of security. This was the final step for me, too. vbs to existing and new system as part of a company upgrade project. Run LoadState, to restore the user state onto the destination computer. I'm experiencing this problem and Sccm The Hash Value Is Not Correct changed last and try again. S. This can be done in Control Panel under BitLocker.

1), then now is the time to make the switch to UEFI. These instructions tell you what users will see and what they need to do: 1. anyone has access to the data on your laptop), so here's how to do it properly. On the MBAM Administration Server AD object, enable the “Trust for delegation for any service (Kerberos Only) option”, under the Delegation tab. If the User Account Control dialog box appears, verify the proposed action is correct, and then click Continue. mydomain. com MYDOMAIN\MyServer$ I have a question to this members who uses TPM (Trusted Platform Module) + BitLocker on Windows10 Pro in their work.

<div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on">This is not one of the exams where you can memorize stuffs and clear the certification. [Windows] Enable BitLocker Script from Windows 7. Part of this effort is to encrypt computers, especially laptops that leave the building. Then follow the steps below to enable BitLocker. Please create a new text file and save this file as Enable-notebook-bitlocker. vbs script failed when de-DE German MUI language was used. For more advanced options, consider using the manage-bde.

xml" to contain the Scheduled Task that will get imported when the script is ran. Group Policy is configured for ADDS backup and to prevent deployment unless backup of the keys. If the UAC prompt appears, verify the action is what you requested, and then click Continue. [/su_box] Add a Run Command Line to run the HP BIOS config Utility I didn't originally intend to, and I knew if I wanted to later, I could allagedly use the Bitlocker drive preparation tool, so I built it with a single partition. On desktop devices this process ran through as expected and didn't cause any real problems (i. This subcomponent allows the MBAM administrator to define which client hardware types can run BitLocker and should be centrally controlled through the MBAM BitLocker GPO. didn’t select PCR 2.

It’s also not possible to enable BitLocker when they are attached to a dock or keyboard. For example, set the BitLocker product policy to Turn-on (enable) BitLocker with appropriate options. I've enabled the TPM Chip within the BIOS and confirmed this is visible via the OS. I've recently been looking at using SCCM Windows Upgrade Task Sequences to migrate from Windows 10 1511 to Windows 10 1607 for a customer. My Goal is a post deployment of Bitlocker. Quit – Stop Task execution and mark remaining actions as Failed. Enable and activate the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) in BIOS.

We ran in to this issue recently and I thought it worth sharing briefly. This client didn’t have Windows PowerShell 3. Group * Enable Bitlocker on Laptops will have a Condition IsLaptop=True Pre-provision Bitlocker is Run Command Line with " Manage-bde -on %OSDisk% -em aes256 -UsedSpaceOnly " and, very important, "Continue On Error". Access is denied. Measures to fix BitLocker drive encryption difficulties Alternative 1: Enable BitLocker devoid of a suitable TPM How to prepare TPM chip for BitLocker encryption in a single Task Sequence step Posted by Mietek Rogala ⋅ 2017-06-09 ⋅ 4 Comments You may have encountered a problem with your Task Sequences that a step to start BitLocker encryption does not work as expected. It started with the need to automate TPM and BitLocker encryption for one of my clients. Failed to run the action: Apply Operating System Image.

Any thoughts would be apprecaited. I have used the CCTK to create a package to change bios settings as the first post instal Device is incompatible with Authentication Agent - Encryption Failed Do I need to enable BitLocker on the server via GPO and then in addition apply KES policy or If you are starting to deploy Windows 10 (or are currently deploying Windows 8/8. How can I get the Enable Bitlocker task to continue on through failure and finish the task sequence without bombing out? If I can get that working, then I can check for success / failure and log accordingly. This Introduction. SCCM comes with the ability to use BitLocker to encrypt during imaging. Azure new role based Hi Prajwal, not sure if you can help but I’m encountering this problem despite having a network account specified. The “Enable BitLocker” step provides a convenient way to enable BitLocker in a task sequence, but only exposes a subset of the available BitLocker options.

Reboot set aside the data required to resume the task sequence after the reboot. One major part of my Task Sequence goal was to enable bitlocker for all supported HP Laptop models along with the Surface Pro 3 (now referred to as just Surface 3). If you try to enable BitLocker in the Operating System manually or over PowerShell with First off great post on the Zero-touch bitlocker deployment. ConfigMgr, Tips and Tricks Friday, December 13, 2013 To enable TPM on HP machines there is a tool from HP, Failed to run the action: HP QuickLaunch Buttons 1 Failed to run the action: Format and Partition Disk. It is a great way to protect servers if you deal with remote locations or hard-to-secure server closets, or if you just want to protect the drives of racked servers. Hi, I'm trying to enable BitLocker during OSD but haven't had any success. This was necessary because in rare cases, BitLocker did not resume on its own after using the “Manage-bde.

The specified ResourceManager made no changes or updates under this transaction (Error:00001A33:Source Windows) Failed to run the last action: Enable BitLocker: Execution of task sequence failed. If selected for use, the TPM must already be enabled, activated, and allow ownership prior to running this step. Im deploying Windows 7 x64 to an HP ProBook 6560B. com Thanks for coming to Ebugg-i. vbs. Run this script early in the task sequence, preferably in the Preinstall Phase, and set the condition Task sequence variable _SMSTSWTG not equals TRUE so that it does not run on Windows To Go. to manage the TPM technology, be sure you have enabled it, and disable the hard disk password protection when you encrypt it, and enable after encryption.

Makes sense that the image failed because the image was made when TPM was enabled. And looking at other clients they have the same scenario. ps1 PowerShell script. x, 3. must be running in full OS and Failed to run the action: Install Dell HAPI Drivers. A new setting of Windows 8 and Windows 8. 1 Enterprise installed.

After further inspection of the task sequence using the console, I noticed on the “Partition Disk 0” options, there was a condition specified to only run this step if the following Task Sequence Variable was met: “_SMSTSBootUEFI not equals “true”. For information about editing a task sequence, see Edit a task sequence. Sysprep not able to validate Windows 10 installation. 100 to 10. But there is one small hiccup to making this a smooth process. During the initial OS installation, follow the steps below to enable BitLocker. I followed your guides (which are excellent by the way) to get the system up and running, I have a man site server for management and a distribution point on a different VLAN.

exe-utility which creates the necessary disk layout for Bitlocker and then we run the standard SCCM task “Enable Bitlocker”. Our Dell Latitude laptops have a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) which can be used for disk encryption using BitLocker in Windows 7. Therefore the Convert BIOS to UEFI task will fail execute the script from _SMSTaskSequence local path. I want to ask if using TPM on your PC did you encounter any problems, and if computer slow down ? inventory cycle action in my systems management tab in control panel. To do so simply edit your client settings by going to Administration – Client Settings within the console, selecting your deployed client settings and viewing its Properties. When running a Configuration Manager 2007 Task Sequence that has the "Enable BitLocker" task in it, the task fails to run and BitLocker is not enabled on the PC. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

The BitLocker Swiss Army Knife (BitLockerSAK) is a project I started a while ago. The problem that presents itself when you are doing this is the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) from some manufacturers In our case we will also save the recovery key to the USB flash drive. Failed to enable silent encryption. Perhaps one of the most important features is BitLocker Drive Encryption, which provides data protection in case of a loss or stolen device. 17)'. I really wished I would have found that earlier. UPDATE: I have a newer post for Windows 10 v1607 here: Building a Windows 10 v1607 reference image using MDT The property OSDBitLockerMode must be set to TPM.

'ProtectKeyWithTPM' failed (2150694914) Failed to enable key protectors (0x80310002) Failed to run the action: Enable BitLocker. If the User Account Control dialog box appears, confirm that the action it displays is what you want, and then click Yes. exe with the /i parameter. 150. 4. The BitLocker Repair Tool is a command-line tool included with Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012, and Windows 8. This convert software will solve aforementioned MBR2GPT conversion failed issue perfectly.

Enable auto-unlock for a volume Automating Dell BIOS-UEFI Standards for Windows 10. I also tried a fresh computer, installed the SMS client, and it does not get the HW inventory cycle action either. If the computer is not joined to the domain, an application may fail to download unless the Deployment Type has, under the Content tab, the Deployment option for “Select the deployment option to use when a client is within a slow or unreliable network boundary, or when the client uses a fallback source location for content. The only solution found (other than hiding the update) is to decrypt the hard drive, process the update, and then re-encrypt the hard drive after. My goal is to make it so that all the user must to do is click Enable BitLocker and away it goes. Ive enabled the TPM Chip within the BIOS and confirmed this is visible via the OS. If you read the description for that policy setting, it says that if you enable the policy and check the check-box for "Require Bitlocker backup to AD DS" then Bitlocker cannot be turned on unless the computer is 'connected to the domain and the backup of the Bitlocker recovery information to AD DS is successful'.

Enable Bitlocker There are also other steps in this group for dealing with TPM+PIN on After you see your systems reporting BitLocker status, you can then start removing MBAM from the endpoint and enabling the MNE management policy. Automatically enable BitLocker and set a PIN during an SCCM Task Sequence Getting your operating system deployment one step closer to being zero touch is always a good goal, so with that in mind here is how to automatically enable BitLocker during OSD using a PIN that you define in a variable at the beginning of the Task Sequence. SCCM Windows deployment troubleshooting - Part 2: Disk related issues Failed to run task-sequence 0×80070032 ^ You may have the 100MB BitLocker partition 'ProtectKeyWithTPM' failed (2150694914) Failed to enable key protectors (0x80310002) Failed to run the action: Enable BitLocker. Comprehensive yet quick video overview that explains how you can safely and non-destructively convert a Windows 10 machine from legacy BIOS to UEFI disk partitioning; and how you can automate the conversion as part of your in-place upgrade process from Windows 7 to Windows 10. This will create 2 actions on the startup trigger. nothing that I wasn't expecting or that couldn't be easily resolved). If I try to encrypt the drive without Running the BitLocker system check first, it encrypts just fine, but I'm forced to input the Recovery key on each and every boot (and yes, I did try to suspend BitLocker protection and re-enabling it after reboot), which gets annoying really fast.

I was trying to set up bitlocker on my Dell XPS 15 running Win10 Enterprise. In the Action pane, Go to Control Panel > BitLocker Drive Encryption and make sure that I am new to MDT and need to add following jobs in to the task sequences 1)enable bit locker 2)Ask for a computer name 3)Run a script in powershell I am able to capture and deploy reference image Look at the 10th line in the log file, "Failed to locate the local data path. No pre-boot keyboard or Windows Recovery Environment detected. If the user's Evo was unknowing in an "Ready to enable" eDrive state, then a Win8 install will change that state to Enabled automatically and silently (by default - you can change the registry during the install process to avoid this). With the continued onslaught of news about companies being hacked, security is at an all-time high in terms of importance. Running platform actions specified in action file for phase 3 This option is obviously there to make sure that applications and hardware is compatible with Windows 10, and in the demo Aaron added an extra upgrade action to the task sequence, to have the task sequence figure out if the setup would work or not, and only try to actually run it, of the compatibility scan gave a green light. It includes nothing special except a task applying drivers using a WMI query post install.

exe, and then click Run as administrator. When trying to configure the TPM hardware by using tpm. There are four basic scenarios that we are likely to encounter: No TPM at all; TPM turned off, which was long the default for Dell laptops BDESVC hosts the BitLocker Drive Encryption service. Engagement Team To help track customer impact, do the following in Insight : In the Documented Solution field, add the Knowledge Base article number, without the KB prefix. OSDCaptureAccount. For Windows 10 computers you can also just restart to re-enable BitLocker. That made the TPM module reappear in the Devices control panel, with the correct driver, but re-enabling BitLocker still failed.

I`d like to share my findings in this blog post and what setting resolved our issue. In order to migrate a user from Vista to Windows 7 run the User State Migration toolkit (USMT). Queries are available to check BIOS versions in SCCM to exclude already patched computers. It's also available for Windows Server as an installable feature. The Partition Disk 0 – BIOS can be copied before the Convert BIOS to UEFI. I've set it up so that on our new machines we enable the tpm and enable bitlocker during our imaging process (sccm), up until this point we've had few machines that needed be to manually unlocked. We will also enable a condition on the group to only run if the previous group failed.

I had to do a BIOS update from version A11 to version A21 first. All those reboots are because the computer needs to power cycle to both turn on and activate TPM. The parameter is incorrect. Part 2: Log Files. The newly updated install. In some cases, the BIOS allow to you to enable the O. xml file on ABC-WS624 and then run Scanstate.

Do you know of any vulnerabilities for not checking that part? Reason asking is I am currently deploying bitlocker and we have Thunderbolt docks. The PC in question is a laptop with Windows 7 on it. A machine protected with the Sophos SafeGuard BitLocker Client using Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and PIN as a startup protector does no longer accept the PIN after the machines mainboard was replaced or the harddisk was put into a different system. vbs script deployed from SCCM 2007, running the comand EnableBitLocker. BitLocker is a great tool, and should be adopted as the standard disk encryption tool for all Enterprises using Windows 7 and above - however as with all tech there are challenges :) The issue encountered here highlighted itself on our Microsoft Surface Pro 3's with Windows 8. The task sequence is a pretty standard generic task sequence. I'm deploying Windows 7 x64 to an HP ProBook 6560B.

The context blob is invalid. For now, all we can do on the Forum The other possibility is that in your TS, you have the BitLocker grouping with the Enable Bitlocker step directly after the Setup Windows and Configuration Manager step, where there is not much time for the HDD to be ready for encryption. Start studying Total Tester Chapter 17 - Troubleshooting Operating Systems. I am running the enablebitlocker. Once that’s done we apply our OS as usual and finish off with running the bdehdcfg. 5-GB system partition to Active using the Disk Manager, and reboot the system so the server boots from the 1. This works flawlessly, but if we are to run the TPM enabling process during an unattended task sequence, what are the possibilities to avoid a required user interaction? My machines return the value 2 from GetPhysicalPresenceTransition() and that pauses the task sequence at the prompt.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. In MBAM 2. There are quite a few blog posts and articles that provide guidance on how to enable BitLocker during an OSD Task Sequence, however most (if not all) of them omit critical information as to how to correctly handle the detection and disabling of BitLocker during the REFRESH scenario. A customer had an MDT Task Sequence created in SCCM 2012 SP1. Delegating access in AD to BitLocker recovery information – A Premier Field Engineer in Denmark – Site Home – TechNet Blogs Failed to run the action: Enable Enable BitLocker. Configure the Windows 10 task sequence to enable BitLocker. (Error: 80310002; Source: Windows) After I try action Enable BitLocker using "Protecting key with TPM only".

log file. I want users to be prompted for a password when they boot their PC. To enable BitLocker to use self-signed certificates. At that point, it continues with the following before moving on to the next step: Protecting key with TPM only. I needed to fix that with setting the preferred language to English for local Administrator account. To enable BitLocker support after initial OS installation, set the 1. When configuring a task sequence to run any BitLocker tool, either directly or using a custom script, it is helpful if you also add some logic to detect whether the BIOS is already configured on the machine.

BIOS update PSAppDeployToolkit script. The following settings are common to all task sequence steps: Properties tab The machine must be domain joined during imaging before MBAM fully enables BitLocker. Backup BitLocker Recovery Key This action will back up BitLocker recovery key to AD. The details drive is not established to instantly unlock on the present-day pc and are unable to be unlocked instantly. Today we have a new guest blogger, Stephane van Gulick. 5-GB partition. I wanted a way to automatically enable BitLocker with Group Policy, without requiring user interaction and without requiring MBAM and figured a PowerShell script was the easiest way to do it.

This tool attempts to repair or decrypt a damaged BitLocker-encrypted volume using the supplied recovery information to reconstruct critical parts of the drive and salvage recoverable data to another volume. 5 SP1, the recommended approach to enable BitLocker during a Windows Deployment is by using the Invoke-MbamClientDeployment. If you fail to remove MBAM from the endpoint, there will be conflict between the two management Windows 10 has a neat feature called Device Encryption. Dell E7440. I now want to enable bitlocker, so I downloaded the drive preparation tool, but I when I run it, I get the following error: If you computer was encrypted with BitLocker it was suspended and will need to be re-enabled. Pre-provision bitlocker during OSD with a Windows 7 Enterprise image fails at Enable Bitlocker - SCCM 2012 SP1 beta I'm trying the SP1 feature to pre-provision bitlocker during OSD, using an MDT integrated task sequence. If a user boots a pc off the dock, it requests a bitlocker.

wim file can be used with SCCM as part of a operating system image, or it can be baked into an ISO to produce a “slipstreamed” ISO containing most of the available Microsoft hotfixes. failed to run the action enable bitlocker

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